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And He's Got a Friend!

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And He's Got a Friend!

Post by Big Show on 10.04.10 15:00

!!The World's Biggest Athlete!!

Big Show and Triple H, were standing outside Eric Bischoff's office, the man who created ACW and gave both of them jobs after WWE tanked. They had just created what is sure to become the most dominant tag team on the whole roster and now were going to demand what they deserved, a tag title shot.

Big Show knocked on the door twice then pushed it open to see Eric at his desk talking on the phone, after noticing Triple H and Big Show he told the person he'd call back later, he had the 'what do you want' look on his face and was hoping they'd either leave or tell him what they wanted, then leave.

"Alright Bischoff, you should have a pretty good idea why we're here and what we want, so let's skip the formalities and put me and Hunter on the card for tonight's show in a tag team match for the ACW Tag Titles!"

The crowd cheered for Big Show and Hunter and it sooned died down as they waited to see what Bischoff would say.

TBC: Eric Bischoff or Triple H
Big Show
Big Show

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Re: And He's Got a Friend!

Post by Eric Bischoff on 10.04.10 19:27

Bischoff looks confused.

The ACW Chairman :::::::::: ERIC BISCHOFF
..I think you didn't find Commissioner Foley's office... Or you're deeply mistaken.

Bischoff gets up, circles the desk and looks at Triple Show...

The ACW Chairman :::::::::: ERIC BISCHOFF
I don't know who in the hell you two think you are, to come into MY office, and demand a Tag Team Title shot, from the chairman. I could just fire you both right now, do you have any idea what I could do? I have all the power in the world over you two. And if you don't want to lose your jobs, you better get the hell.. Out of my office! NOW!

Big Show and Triple H shrug as they look at each other and turn around, just as Triple H walks behind the World's Largest Athlete, Bischoff sighs...

The ACW Chairman :::::::::: ERIC BISCHOFF

Triple Show turn around and enter...

The ACW Chairman :::::::::: ERIC BISCHOFF
Hmph... There are two guys with no matches here... I'm pretty sure they're tough enough to be good competition against you, or even to beat you two. And do the fans want to see Big Show and Triple H go at it against...

They wait in suspense...

The ACW Chairman :::::::::: ERIC BISCHOFF
The Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison and the Pope! Elijah Dinero?!

The crowd cheers loudly!

The ACW Chairman :::::::::: ERIC BISCHOFF
For the ACW Tag Team Championship. It's on, next up! I hope you two are ready because if by any chance you win tonight, and barge into my office like that again I will strip you of your titles, fine, and fire you! Now get the hell out of my office!

Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff

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