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Suffering, blood and fire

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Suffering, blood and fire

Post by Kane on 17.04.10 7:05

The scene fades in on the Titantron to show the masked Big Red Monster holding a gold medal replica... He is sitting on a wooden chair next to a fireplace, he can be heard laughing maniacally. He stops and turns his head to the side, looking straight into the camera as the crowd is silent...

ACW World Champion ::..:: KANE ::..:: The Big Red Machine
Kurt Angle... While these might not be your gold medals, you might as well pretend they are. Because they are about to have the same destiny as yours. And as yourself. I warned you last week, you should have never mess with me. But may it all rest now, for I am the ACW World Champion now.

Kane gets up and creeps closer to the fire... He takes a good look at the medal...

ACW World Champion ::..:: KANE ::..:: The Big Red Machine
But if you think I am done with you, you are deeply..mistaken.

Kane drops the medals into the fire. He starts laughing loudly and maniacally once again as he picks up the gold belt that lays on the wooden chair's armrest.

ACW World Champion ::..:: KANE ::..:: The Big Red Machine
This represents why you are my target. You are what I was destined to become, the first ever to achieve the most glory in ACW possible, and don't think I've made you pay for that your sin last week because I didn't. That is, what I will do sooner rather than later, that I assure you of, Kurt Angle. It's not over.

Kane walks closer to the camera, and sighs.

ACW World Champion ::..:: KANE ::..:: The Big Red Machine
Last week, it was only a sample of what the Big Red Machine shall do to you. I will make you pay, I will make you suffer! I will destroy you and make you wish you never stood between me...

Kane raises the title next to his face as he looks at it.

ACW World Champion ::..:: KANE ::..:: The Big Red Machine
And the ACW World Championship...

Kane laughs as the scene fades out.

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