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You know what? This could be it

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You know what? This could be it

Post by Big Show on 17.04.10 12:33

.:!!The World's Largest Athlete!!:.

The scene opens up revealing Big Show and Triple were backstage in the locker room, Big Show wasn't in too good of a mood because of what Mick Foley did. And he had it in his mind that if they lost he would personally put Mick through the wall of his 'office'. Triple H wasn't happy either, mainly because he had no say in the sitpulation that if they lose they disband. He was hoping the team would last a bit longer then just 2 shows, and he could tell Show wasn't happy about it either.

Show was sitting at the table looking over the cards for that night's show, it looked pretty good but he was more concerned about the title match and the later Champions Ceremony. He wanted to be at that ceremony receving the tag titles with Triple H and not destroying the backstage, and Mick Foley, if they lost.

Triple H was getting in some warm-up on the punching bag, he wanted to be 100% ready for the match and give it his all for the titles and the team. After a few more punches he walked over to a set of weights and began some lifting.

Big Show decided to work off his anger by taking it out on the punching bag, so he got up and walked over to it and got into a boxing like stance and delivered some quick powerful punches. But as he was he was thinking about how Mick had tricked them into putting the team on the line and for a moment saw Mick standing where the bag was, so he gave one tremendous right hand and ripped open the bag causing the sand inside to spill out (some have sand). He stepped back as Triple H looked over to see what was going on but Show just walked it off as he too went to lift some weights.

"I hope Mick realizes what he's done, because when we win tonight he'll need to find replacements for Elijah and Morrison after I punch their faces in tonight with my right hand!"

Triple H just smiled as he put the weights back down and went to his locker to grab some wrist tape, after grabbing it he began taping up his wrists as he does before each match.

"I know you don't approve with what I did but if we cn't win tonight then I guess that shows we don't do well as a tag team, but tonight we will win and show Foley who he's dealing with!"

He dropped the weights to the floor and walked over and sat back down in the chair not wanting to exhaust himself before a match, no superstar ever wants to do that! He grabbed a sports illustrated and noticed that the cover talked about the formation of ACW and the fall of WWE, he remembers what it was like there, he got his start and was a legend in the ring! Dominating all he fought with, even Triple H. But that was behind him, this was a new place and it has set the stage to become greater then what the WWE ever was, and Big Show was going to be it's Number 1 Superstar! And he'd achieve that by taking out everyone else, even his partner if it came to that, last week was a mere setback, tonight is where his fast track to greatness begins!

TBC: Triple H
Big Show
Big Show

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Re: You know what? This could be it

Post by Triple H on 18.04.10 13:34

As finished Triple H taping his wrists, Triple H looks at Big Show, knowing that tonight could be the start of their dominance in ACW or it could be a quick end for them as a team.... he remembers his storied career at WWE, The championships that he won... His time with DX and the friends he left behind.. good times, But HHH knew all that that was behind him, this was a new company with new rules, this is to be a new direction in his career, and HHH was going to be the "King of Kings!" again, it did not matter who he had to go through to get there... but he knew that tonight is where "The Game" really begins!....

The Game // Triple H
Whatever happens tonight, lets go out there and show those two punks, Mick Foley and the rest of ACW how our dominance begins....

TBC Big Show or END
Triple H
Triple H

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