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The ACW Rulebook

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The ACW Rulebook

Post by Eric Bischoff on 06.04.10 18:48


1. One superstar per IP/ISP address, unless you have authorization for more...

2. ROLEPLAY! Keep a good and stable RP'ing every week, you will find your match on the showcards every week, and even raise your popularity!

If you do not roleplay for one week, you will be warned, if you do not roleplay for two weeks, you will be suspended for a week. If you do not roleplay for three weeks, you will be indefinitely suspended from the roster and if you don't roleplay for four weeks, you will be fired.

3. No God-Mode unless the person you ARE planning to God-Mode gives you authorization to.

4. Every roleplay has to have a 30 word minimum.

5. Commit to this E-Fed!

6. Follow all of this rules, and remember, commit! And you will be rewarded with a push, etc...

Thank you, and do never forget these rules!

The ACW Chairman
Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff

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