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Pope puts on a

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Pope puts on a

Post by Elijah Dinero on 20.04.10 17:12

OC:Sorry I've taken so long, I honestly have been real busy getting the site for the show and staff etc. together! Along with everything else in my life so just know, Pope ain't go nowhere! Its just going to take him a while longer to RP than usual. Be cool baby!! lol

Theres a silence in the air, as Pope's theme breaks it!

The crowd begins to cheer as their Pope has arrived on stage in beautifully "Pimped" formal attire(Fancy jacket with matching mask, his signature shades black slacks along with some dress shoes). Pope walks down the ramp slowly with his hands on his waist, and looks to his left and to his right as he raises both hands in the air as money begins to rain down over the stadium! He then enters the ring as an official hands him a mic. He takes off his shades and tucks them into his shirt, and slides his mask down underneath his chin to begin speaking.

But the capacity crowd won't stop cheering! Once they settle down Pope paces around the ring and finally begins to speak.

Your Pope Elijah Dinero
Welcome, welcome to the night of the Pope! As you can see by my face here, Pope is doing mighty good. Because, tonight your Pope; Elijah Dinero & the Guru of Greatness Johnny Morrison are facing the exact two individuals we beat previously! Now all they did was raise the stakes for those two "Gentlemen" if they lose then they have to break up! BOO HOO! Pope, doesn't care about how high you raise the stakes because Pope is always willing to "Play the Game" and put on a "Big Show" of huge proportions!

then suddenly the crowd begin chanting "Pope is Pimpin"
Pope smiles then goes across his teeth with his tongue, and paces around the ring again, and continues on with his sermon-like speech;

Your Pope Elijah Dinero
Now, Show & Hunter! You two better be eating your vitamins, and saying your prayers. Because once that bell rings Pope's confessionals are over and I'll begin to smite you both, with a Four.....Knuckle....Up!!
Pope begins to laugh but quickly continues; The congregation knows, Pope won't lose tonight! So the two of you need to go out to NASA buy the most expensive Astronaut suits money can buy, because it will be a bumpy ride when Pope & Morrison take you both to the "OUTER LIMITZ!"........The good book says ;"You have not, because you ask not." Well, maybe its about time you begin asking to be better than your Pope......Can I get an Amen?!

the crowd quickly responds with "AMEN!"

TBC:Morrison, Foley, or End
Elijah Dinero
Elijah Dinero

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