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El Zone De Combatia Dos!

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El Zone De Combatia Dos!

Post by Mick Foley on 20.04.10 19:22


As soon as the entrance music playes, Matt Hardy comes out from back stage running. But he stops before he reachs the ramp. The Sensei of Mattitude looks at the crowd, and then jumps around in his place. He raises his hand and does the "V1" taunt, as the crowd goes wild with cheers! He walks down the ramp and keeps jumping and taunting.

Matt walks next to the crowd and highfives the first row fans. He walks up the steel steps, while pointing at the fans. He takes a few steps on the apron and then enters between the ropes. The Angelic Diablo stands on the ropes and raises his and does the "V1" taunt. He drops on his feet and goes to the opposite ropes and does the same. The crowd goes wild!

An official hands Hardy a mic.

Matt Hardy
Well, well. Where should I start. How about the ACW Champion, KANE! A man who I defeated earlier that night.

The crowd cheers.

Matt Hardy
It would be only logical for me to be the champion, but to tell you the truth that's not what I care about. I've been stabbed in the back by one of my closest friends, a title is nothing compared to that. But do I get a chance to get vengeance... NO!

The crowd boos loudly.

Matt Hardy
So before the show started I asked Foley, if I could face one of those bastards. He said that they already had a match. And when I asked him who I was facing tonight...

Matt paces around the ring a bit.

Matt Hardy
He said I will find out the same time you guys do... So enough stalling, whoever you are come out here... NOW!!!

Matt Hardy drops the mic and starts jumping around, warming up

The Miz comes out onto the stage in his ring gear and a microphone as the crowd boos him. He keeps walking down the ramp and slides into the ring. He stands in front of Matt Hardy as the music stops. He raises the microphone to his mouth.

The Monk of Mojo::..::The Miz::..::The Admiral of Awesome
Well look who it is...It's the sensai of mattitude..

The Miz starts to walk around the ring smiling.

The Monk of Mojo::..::The Miz::..::The Admiral of Awesome
Honestly when Commissioner Foley told me I was facing you I had no clue who you were. I had to use my phone and google your name. When I googled your name I only found one thing.

The Miz stops walking and looks at Matt.

The Monk of Mojo::..::The Miz::..::The Admiral of Awesome
...Has been....

The Miz keeps walking as the crowd boos him.

The Monk of Mojo::..::The Miz::..::The Admiral of Awesome
That's right Matt. What have you done in the last 3 years? Nothing...I didn't recognize you until I came on the stage and saw your ugly face that Christian hit with the Unprettier and Edge and Christian Con-Chair-To'd. You shouldn't be worried about Christian and Edge...

The Miz stops and get's in Matt's face.

The Monk of Mojo::..::The Miz::..::The Admiral of Awesome
You should be worried about me! You shouldn't be worried about those stupid Canadians Edge and Christian...You should be worried about me...the most charismatic and by far the most talented man in this company!

The crowd keeps booing Miz while Matt looks at him.

The Monk of Mojo::..::The Miz::..::The Admiral of Awesome
You see...If Edge and Christian do come after you again...there will be nothing for them to get, after I'm finished with you tonight! You honestly thing you can take on Edge and Christian...let a lone me! You couldn't even take on a diva!

The Miz stands there waiting for Matt to respond.

Matt Hardy starts chuckling and walks towards the mic he dropped earlier. He squats and grabs the mic, then turns back to face Miz and walks towards him. Hardy laughs for a few seconds before he begins to talk.

Matt Hardy
A has been?! I'd rather be a has been than a never was. You say I have done nothing in the last three years. I have done more than you! Sure you might have been the unified tag team champion, but that is only because your tag partners did all the work. You were just the guy who poses with the titles. However I do have to give you props for being the united state champion, although you never had to defend it since you won it.

The crowd start chanting "Miz Sucks". Miz lifts up the mic; looking mad and embarrassed. But Matt doesn't give him the chance to speak.

Matt Hardy
I on the other hand, have had more championships than you. Not counting the many tag championships I held. I'm not one to brag, but I have been the USA champion too and of course the ECW champion. But that's all in the past. What really matters is how big of an impact you made here. Me I have won my debut match against, the soon to have became the ACW champion, KANE! You have had the same impact...

Matt walks closer to The Miz.

Matt Hardy
Oh wait you lost your debut match.

The crowd cheers Matt and then repeat the "Miz Sucks" chants. Miz screams some words. But he was shouting so fast and the mic wasn't next to his face, so he couldn't be heard clearly.

Matt Hardy
And what was that about me couldn't beat a diva? Unless you haven't noticed, we have no divas here other than Maria. But then again, you are to busy keeping you eyes on the men. Weren't you?

The crowd laughs. Miz gets furious. He drops the mic and charges at Hardy. The Angelic Diablo drops his mic and gets out of The Miz's way. A referee quickly slides into the ring and the bell rings, signaling the match to start.

The ref calls for the bell as Matt Hardy and The Miz lock up and and gets the upper hand as The Miz pushes Hardy into the corner. The Miz stops and walks away taunting the crowd. He runs back, he jumps up with his legs out and clotheslines Matt Hardy. Hardy falls to the floor as The Miz looks out to the crowd smiles. The Miz goes for the pin on Kennedy.


Kennedy kicks out. The Miz gets up and kicks Matt in the head as the crowd boos. As Miz goes to kick Hardy again Matt grabs Miz's ankle and pulls him to the ground. Hardy gets to his feet as does Miz too. Miz goes to strike Matt with a right hand, Hardy counters.... SIDE EFFECT!!! Matt goes for the pin.


The Miz kicks out and quickly gets to his feet. The Miz gets behind Matt he wraps his arm around his neck and swings forward crashing Matt face first into the mat.

Randy walks out to a mixed reaction, with "RKO" chants being heard. He stares straight at the ring and walks forward, with a serious look on his face. He grabs a microphone from ringside, and slides into the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle, looking out to the crowd and jumps off after a few seconds.

Randy Orton
Tonight, I have a match against CM Punk. But to be honest, that is at the back of my mind. What is REALLY tearing me up is how I got SCREWED last week. Let's take a look, shall we?

Orton leans on the ropes as highlights of the match against Kurt Angle are played on screen.

Randy Orton
Edge... Christian... Both of you are at my mercy. I will hunt you down, rip you both apart and take my revenge.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction to Orton.

Randy Orton
Oh, but most importantly... Kurt Angle is going to get much worse. He will never walk another day in his life, nevermind wrestle after I've got my revenge on him. Anyone else that wants to step in line, be my guest. But after I've got my revenge, I will go for the title I deserve. Be it Ka--

The crowd begins to boo loudly as CM Punk's entrance music hits the PA system. He begins walking down to the ring slowly, looking around at his audience with an unimpressed look on his face. He is wearing his ring tights, along with and unbuttoned jacket, exposing his hairy chest, his hair long, as usual. His hands and wrists are taped up as if he was going to be in action, but that much would remain to be seen. He has an "X" written on the back of each of his hands and is rubbing them together quickly. He walks up the stairs to get into the ring where he is handed a microphone by a nearby official. He grabs the mic and begins to walk to the other side of the ring, until his music is turned off.

Straight ×CM Punk× Edge
Randy... Randy, what are you doing out here?

The crowd gets quiet ready to listen to what was being said. Punk shows a lot of body movement while talking, as usual and obviously has something in mind.

Straight ×CM Punk× Edge
We have a match tonight. But you're out here to talk about how you... How can I say this, hmm... How you LOST last week!

Punk gets closer to Orton's face, now with the mic held sideways. Randy looks away from him, trying his best to stay calm. Punk gets a big grin on his face and continues to talk after moving away a bit.

Straight ×CM Punk× Edge
But you know what Randy? I think I have a solution that can benefit both of us... Tonight, right here in front of this whole crowd, I can cleanse your heart Randy... I can give you a clean slate and we can act like it never happened. But that's only on one condition... After we have our competition here... And after I beat you... You will be asked once, and only once, to join me, and my straight edge society.

He gets close to Randy's face, as Orton begins to clench his fist, visually showing even more anger. Punk gets in his face again.

Straight ×CM Punk× Edge
Come on Randy... You're a smart guy, aren't you? Why don't you show me, and all of these fans out here, that you are not what everyone thinks you are... A PATHETIC... HAS BEEN!

Punk turns his head sideways, letting his guard down, not thinking that Randy would retaliate at all, but instead, back down. That would however, remain to be seen.

Randy looks at CM Punk with a confused look on his face.

Randy Orton
Who the hell are you again? OH WAIT! My old friend, CM Punk. Used to be a World Heavyweight Champion. Won it in June 2008... And how did you LOSE it, PUNK?!

Crowd gives a mixed reaction.

Randy Orton
That's right, Punk. You know what I'm capable of, so I suggest you tone it down. You think I'LL join YOUR society? I don't need to grovel at your feet for success... It's behind me and ahead of me. You call me a pathetic has been? You're older than me, and I have achieved twice as much as you in half the time. This match is the start of my rise, my ascent. After I beat you tonight, I might just make an example out of you. Have a good, long think about that Punk.

Roberts: The following match is set for one fall. Introducing first from Saint Louis Missouri...Randy Orton!

The crowd gives off a mixed reaction to Orton.

Roberts: And his opponent...From Chicago Illinois...CM PUNK!

The crowd boos Punk.

The referee calls for the bell. Punk and Orton lock up. Punk overpowers Orton and begins to start punching him. They go to the turnbuckle as Punk keeps punching Orton. The referee pulls Punk off of Orton. Punk backs up and runs jumping in the air and hitting Orton in the face with his knee. Punk jumps off of Orton as Orton flops forwards onto the mat and Punk goes for the pin.

Strikre: Is this one over?

Orton kicks out. Punk picks up Orton and throws him to the ropes. Orton leans against the ropes, Punk runs at him but Orton ducks down pulling the ropes down with him sending Punk flying outside of the ring. Orton slides out of the ring. and goes to pick up Punk. He picks him up and puts his feet on the apron holding his body out on the floor. Orton bends down hitting Punks head onto the ground.

Grishm: What a DDT onto the floor! How can Punk recover from this?

Orton picks up Punk again and stands him up. Orton takes a step back. He runs towards Punk and jumps in the air grabbing his head. Punk counters and throws Orton across the announcers table sending him skidding across the table and crashing into the barricade onto the floor.

Striker: Talk about bullet dodged that match could have been over there!

Punk goes around the table and picks Orton up. He goes on the announcers table with Orton on his shoulders.

Grishm: I think we know what's next GTS and of all places on the announcers table!

Punk lifts Orton off his shoulders he brings his knee up but Orton breaks free. jumping down. He jumps in the air grabbing Punk by the head and slams him into the announcers table breaking it sending them both onto the floor.

Striker: RKO! RKO! RKO!

Orton and Punk both roll around on the ground. Orton gets up and picks up Punk throwing him into the ring and goes for the cover.

Punk kicks out.

Grish: How did Punk manage to kick out of that one!

Orton sits up and begins to pound the mat as Punk slowly stirs on the ground. Punk gets to his feet as Orton gets to his, Orton jumps in the air grabbing Punks head but Punk reverses it putting Orton on his shoulders, while the crowd goes crazy for the match. Orton gets free off of Punks shoulders and pushes Punk to the ropes. Punk bounces back and Orton jumps in the air, grabs Punks head and slams him onto the mat and goes for the pin.


Orton gets up as the referee calls for the bell.

Roberts: Here's your winner....Randy Orton!

Orton celebrates in the ring as the camera fades out and goes to commercial.

Triple Show's theme fills the arena of Combat Zone's second show, one week after the historic first episode where champions were crowned and dethroned. Triple Show was in a hard fought match but failed to pick up the win against Elijah and Morrison who might become the new tag champs if they succeed in defending the titles later tonight against an un-named tag team.

Matt Striker: "Well this is ure one way to start off our second episode of Combat Zone eh Todd?"

Todd Grisham: "I have no doubts there Matt but I wonder what Triple Show could possibly have to say?"

Triple Show were standing in the ring with mics in the hands as they waited for the cheers from the crowd to die down. Big Show had a serious look on his face, he wasn't in the mood for crowd pleasing. He had something to say and he was going to say it live infront of the jam packed audiance and live on television.

.:!!The World's Biggest Athlete!!:.

"As you all saw last week, me and Hunter teamed up to take on Elijah and Morrison for the tag titles, and through shear luck they won, or so they thought."

Footage rolls from last week after the match when Mick Foley made his stunning announcement regarding the tag titles.

"Tonight they will be in a match against an un-named tag team defending their titles, and I think we all know who that un-named team is."

He turns his attention to the stage, more specificlly to the backstage.

"Mick Foley I know your in the back doing your paperwork and such for tonight's show but I think you should listen up because I have a suggestion for tonight's tag match!"

Matt Striker "If Mick Foley was smart I'm sure he'd be listening to what the giant has to say!"

Todd Grisham: "I don't think you should be questioning Foley's intelligence Matt, after all he does control your job."

.:!!The World's Biggest Athlete!!:.

"Elijah, Morrison, this goes out to you too so listen up! Tonight's tag match should be a triple threat tag match, featuring your un-nammed tag team, Elijah and Morrison and Triple Show! And to make things interesting if we lose to Elijah or Morrison then we will disband!"

Triple H looked a little unsure about the announcement, it seems either he didn't know what Show was going to say or was still unsure about the situation.

Matt Striker: "Did you hear that Todd? If Triple Show are put in the match and lose they will disband!"

Todd Grisham: "Yeah but Elijah or Morrison have to be the ones who beat them, which means if the un-named team wins they'll still be together."

Matt Striker: "Details Todd details, this is sure shaping up to be an interesting and exciting night!"

Triple H looks confused as he looks at at Big Show....

The Game // Triple H
You want to the team on the line ?... I really hope you know what you are doing... because this team could be finished before it has even begun.... Lets just see what Foley has to say about this....

Mick Foley comes out onto the stage as the crowd goes crazy. Mick Foley stands on the stage with a microphone in his hands.

The Comish
Well first of all. Congradulations on a hard fought battle last week on Combat Zone!

The crowd cheers for them as they stand in the ring.

The Comish
But unfortunately you did lose...But I am glad you decided to put your team on the line. Because I have a surprise for you!

Big Show and Triple H stand in the ring.

The Comish
You how I said that Elijah Dinero and John Morrison would be facing a mystery tag team this combat zone! Well your luck! Because that mystery team was you all along!

The crowd cheers as Big Show and Triple H look at each other and grin.

The Comish
It was my plan all along to make you two feel left out in hopes of you two "upping the anti" and you did! So that's why tonight it will be Elijah Dinero and John Morrison vs Triple H and Big Show for the ACW Tag Team Championship! If you two lose, your team must come to an end

The crowd goes crazy for the match. Big Show and Triple H's grins go away as they look back at Foley knowing they've just been tricked.

The Comish
And that's final!

Foelys music plays as he gives a thumbs up and walks to the back leaving Big Show and Triple H in the ring.

.:!!The World's Largest Athlete!!:.

"Well Foley you better hope we win tonight because if we don't your gonna have one angry giant gunning for you!"

The gives a slight mixed reaction but most of it was cheers for Big Show.

"And Hunter I don't mean to steal from you but I think it's fair to say Game On!"

Big Show drops the mic as Triple Show's theme plays. Both men leave the ring and head to the back, thinking about the match that was too come and what they'd do if they lost. Only time will tell as the show that could be Triple Show's last night together, continues.


ACW comes back from commercial with John Morrison already standing in the ring.

As Elijah's Theme Plays the crowd begins sending off mixed reaction for the Pope.
Pope walks through the curtains as Scott Hall used to do with the "Tread Softly" walk and stops as he lifts both arms up signaling "4-Up" Elijah then looks around as he makes his way down the ramp. He looks to his left and dusts off his shoulder, then to the right and dusts off his right shoulder, and then looks to the sky as he holds his arms out dollar bills fall from the sky raining upon the entire stadium. Then Pope steps into the ring and slides off his jacket and hands it to an official and Pope again gets out of the ring and "pimpishly" slides of his shades and pretends to hand it to a fan, but quickly turns away and hands them along with his chains, and facemask to the official. He climbs back into the ring and walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs up to where one foot us on the top and his other is on the middle as he taunts "4-Up" and then holds his arms out again and looks to the sky as the lights go out except for a dim lighting surrounding the ring where it shows glitter/shiny confetti sprinkling dow to the outside of the ring.

Big Show's pyro explodes from the stage as the multicolor lights of Triple H's entrance fill the arena, the crowd goes crazy as the two step out onto the stage and stand for a moment looking out at the crowd then at the ring. The two simultaneously walk down the ramp passing the ever excited crowd, Triple H climbs up to the apron and leans back on the ropes facing the stage and spits water into the air as he normally does in his entrance while the Big Show walks up the steel steps and along the apron to the left and with ease steps over the top rope. He walks over to the opposite rope and pushes them down with one hand wile rasing the other into the air to receive more cheers from the crowd. Triple H enters the ring through the top and middle rope and shakes hand with Big Show as they head to their corner waiting for the start of the match.

Big Show and Triple H stand across the ring staring at John Morrison and Elijah Dinero. The camera pans to the ringside with two pedestools with the tag titles on them as Justin Roberts gets on the microphone.

Roberts: The following match is set for one-fall. And it is for...The ACW Tag Team Championship! By special order for this match. If Triple H and Big Show lose. They must disband

The crowd cheers as the ref calls for the bell. Big Show goes into his corner as John Morrison goes into his. Dinero and HHH lock up with HHH gaining control and throwing Dinero against the ropes. Dinero bounces back and HHH jumps in the air with his knee up knocking Dinero to the ground.

Striker: The Game Triple H dominating early on with the high knee!

Triple H picks up Dinero and begins to punch him. HHH throws Dinero to the turnbuckle. HHH runs at him charging at the turnbuckle. He gets to the corner and lifts his knee up as Dinero dodges out of the way causing HHH to hit his knee into the ring post. Dinero grabs HHH and throws him into his corner. Dinero tags in Morrison. Morrison stands on the top rope as Dinero throws HHH onto the mat. Morrison springboards off the top rope and does a back flip landing on HHH and goes for the pin.

Grishm: What a MoonSault by John Morrison is this it?


Big Show gets in the ring and breaks up the pin. Elijah Dinero runs in and begins to punch Big Show. Big Show irish whips Dinero and throws him over the top rope onto the floor outside the ring. John Morrison gets up and begins to attack Big Show as well. Big Show picks him up and lifts him in the air as the crowd cheers. He lifts him higher in the air as Dinero gets on one knee as Big Show throws Morrison out of the ring and onto Dinero as the crowd goes crazy. Big Show goes back to his corner as Triple H walks over and tags him in. Big Show gets in the ring and exits the ring on the side where Dinero and Morrison are. He picks up Morrison and throws him crashing into the barricade. He picks up Morrison and puts him in the ring as he gets in afterwards. He picks up Morrison and puts him in the corner. He puts his finger to his mouth and tell the crowd to be quiet. He raises his hand and smacks Morrison in the chest letting out a loud slapping sound as the crowd goes OOOOOOOOH! Morrison falls down onto the mat. Big Show picks him up again. He grabs Morrison by the throat and lifts him in the air and then throws him down onto the mat.

Striker: Chokeslam Chokeslam this one is over!

Big Show goes over to the ropes and does his taunt while Dinero slides into the ring and drags Morrison over to his corner. Dinero goes back onto the apron and tags himself in. Dinero gets in the ring as Big Show turns around, Dinero gets on one knee and delivers an uppecut to Big Show causing him to fall straight backwards. Big Show rolls over and begins to crawl to Triple H as Big Show tags himself in. Dinero runs over and drags the Big Show back into his corner. Dinero tags in Morrison. Morrison goes on the top rope bends down and hits his legs on the top rope doing a corckscrew but Big Show rolls out of the way causing Morrison to hit the mat. Big Show slowly crawls towards his corner and tags Triple H in while Morrison tags in Dinero. They both run at each other. Triple H kicks Dinero he bends him down and wraps his arms back. He jumps in the air and lands on his knees and goes for the cover.

Grishm: Pedigree! This one is over!


The ref calls for the bell as the crowd goes crazy. The referee hands Triple H and Big Show their belts as they celebrate in the ring.

Roberts: Here are your winners...and new ACW Tag Team Champions...Triple H and The Big Show!

The crowd goes crazy as they continue to celebrate in the ring.

The scene fades in on the Titantron to show the masked Big Red Monster holding a gold medal replica... He is sitting on a wooden chair next to a fireplace, he can be heard laughing maniacally. He stops and turns his head to the side, looking straight into the camera as the crowd is silent...

ACW World Champion ::..:: KANE ::..:: The Big Red Machine
Kurt Angle... While these might not be your gold medals, you might as well pretend they are. Because they are about to have the same destiny as yours. And as yourself. I warned you last week, you should have never mess with me. But may it all rest now, for I am the ACW World Champion now.

Kane gets up and creeps closer to the fire... He takes a good look at the medal...

ACW World Champion ::..:: KANE ::..:: The Big Red Machine
But if you think I am done with you, you are deeply..mistaken.

Kane drops the medals into the fire. He starts laughing loudly and maniacally once again as he picks up the gold belt that lays on the wooden chair's armrest.

ACW World Champion ::..:: KANE ::..:: The Big Red Machine
This represents why you are my target. You are what I was destined to become, the first ever to achieve the most glory in ACW possible, and don't think I've made you pay for that your sin last week because I didn't. That is, what I will do sooner rather than later, that I assure you of, Kurt Angle. It's not over.

Kane walks closer to the camera, and sighs.

ACW World Champion ::..:: KANE ::..:: The Big Red Machine
Last week, it was only a sample of what the Big Red Machine shall do to you. I will make you pay, I will make you suffer! I will destroy you and make you wish you never stood between me...

Kane raises the title next to his face as he looks at it.

ACW World Champion ::..:: KANE ::..:: The Big Red Machine
And the ACW World Championship...

Kane laughs as the scene fades out.

The crowd boos as Kurt's theme hits the P.A system. a strong fog fills the top of the stage. Then you see a figure appear behind the fog and as the fog slowly disappears Kurt Angle is seen. He is wearing his wrestling attire.

Justin Roberts: This match is set for one fall. Making his way to the ring, KURT ANGLE!!!

Kurt walks until he reaches the ramp and lowers his upper body in the traditional Angle taunt then raises his arms up in the air as red white and blue pyros shoot off from both sides. Kurt makes his way to the ring and slides in via the bottom rope. Angle does his spinning taunt with arms in the air. Angle then takes off his medals and puts them in the corner under the turnbuckle.


Mr. Kennedy's music blasts out on the p.a system, after a few seconds he stroles out wearing his usual wrestling attire, the fans start going nuts delivering a mixture of cheers and boo's, Kennedy hurls abuse at the fans to his left as he stands at the top of the ramp.... After trading insults with a few people Kennedy proceeds down the ramp and up the steel steps, walking along the side of the apron. He enters the ring via the middle rope and stands smack in the middle of the ring..... the lights dim and he raises his right hand into the air.... a microphone then lowers down to him.

Charismatic God | Mr. Kennedy
The ACW proudly presents to you.... a man weighing in at a mesmerizing 243 pounds..... he hails from GREEEEN BAY!!!!

Kennedy holds the mic away from his fans as some of the capacity crowd join in

The Crowd

Charismatic God | Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy runs to the corner and jumps up onto the turnbuckle looking straight into the camera....

Charismatic God | Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy relinquishes the microphone and jumps down from the turnbuckle turning to face the referee, he removes his t-shirt and stands in his corner.

Both wrestlers start to approach each other. The bell rings and they instantly lock up. Kurt starts pushing Kennedy to the corner. When the reached the corner, Angle let go. He starts punching Kennedy, again and again until the referee breaks them up. The referee drags Angle to the middle of the ring and starts to argue with him. With they finally stop and the referee gets out of the way. Kennedy rushes, while Kurt is still blinded by the referee, CLOTHESLINE! Kennedy looks down at Angle and starts stomping at him. After a few stomps Kennedy picks up Kurt and Irish Whips him to the corner. He runs towards him, CORNER CLOTHESLINE!

Todd Grisham: Kennedy dominating with another clothesline!

Kennedy runs towards Angle; who is groggy in the middle of the ring. Angle counters him with a belly to belly suplex. Kennedy's back hits the turnbuckle! He remains stuck on the turnbuckle upside down. Kurt approaches him and starts chocking him with his foot. The referee breaks them up and starts helping Kennedy back on his feet. Both wrestlers stand in the middle of ring again, Kennedy looks furious. He sends some punches towards Angle forcing him back to the ropes. Kennedy then Irish Whips Kurt to the opposite ropes. Kurt hits the rebound. Kennedy grabs him wrapping his arm around the neck. MIC CHECK! Pin!

Matt Striker: Will this match be over before it even starts?!


Todd Grisham: Looks like Kurt won't be out of this match anytime soon.

Kennedy gets up and grabs Kurt by his arms to help him on his feet, but Angle quickly counters with a roll up!


Kurt gets up fast and grabs Kennedy's waist from the behind. He arches his back and hits a belly to back suplex. He keeps his hold and does another one. Once again he doesn't let go of the hold. Kennedy's shoulders are touching the mat.


Kennedy quickly removes his shoulder off the mat.

Todd Grisham: Kennedy should be more careful or this will be over before he even knows it!

Kurt does another Belly to Back suplex. He keeps his hold while getting to his feet. He waits a few seconds and the takes a leap to the back, delivering a huge Belly To Back Suplex! Pin!


Matt Striker: Wake up referee, that was a three count right there!

Kurt is forced to release the hold. He instantly gets up and grabs Kennedy by the Ankle and starts twisting it, delivering an Angle Lock! Kennedy starts crawling to the ropes. He looks like he is about to tap out. Mr. Kennedy tries hopelessly to kick Kurt using his free foot, but he obviously doesn't come even close. Kennedy channels all his strength to crawling to the ropes. He almost reaches it, but Angle drags him back to the center and starts twisting it harder. Kennedy lets out a powerful scream. KENNEDY TAPS OUT!

Matt Striker: He had to tap out, he had no other choice.

Kurt rolls out of the ring. Not really caring about his win. He walks backstage. The crowd boos, as we cut to commercials.

[center]The scene fades in and it's Edge and Christian walking backstage. They stop by a door.Christian walks over to a vending machine in the back round while Edge turns the knob to the door. It doesn't open so he begins to knock on it.

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
Kurt, you in there?

Edge keeps knocking while in the background Christian pulls out a dollar and puts it into the machine. The machine spits back out the dollar, Christian puts it in again. The machine sends it back out. Christian tries again but it spits the dollar back out again. Christian begins to pound against the machine and shakes it around a little. Edge turns towards him.

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
It's only a soda..

Christian walks over and stands next to Edge.

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
Yeah but Sodas rule!

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
You're right, they do rule

They high five. Edge continues to knock on the door while Christian walks back to the vending machine. Christian begins to shake the machine some more. Edge turns towards Christian.

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
Could you do it without letting everybody else know!

Edge keeps knocking on the door calling for Kurt. Christian walks out of view. Suddenly a chair crashes into the vending machine glass window and breaks it. Christian walks back towards the vending machine and reaches inside.

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
I said without letting everybody else know!

Christian walks back towards Edge by the door with a soda in his hands.

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
I wanted a soda...

Edge just looks at Christian, while Christian looks back confused.

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic

Edge just keeps looking at him.

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
You went through all that..and you only grabbed one.

Edge just looks at Christian while he looks back. Christian pops the lid and begins to drink the soda. Edge motions his brother to come and help him as Christian steps up.

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
Kurt, I know you're in there! Either you open this door or... Or else!

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
Or else what?

Edge shrugs his shoulders...

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
Wait I have an idea!

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
What's that?

Edge steps back...

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
I saw this on that Kojak thing...

Edge runs and kicks the door open...

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
That was awesome...

They enter to see Kurt Angle coming out of the shower, with a white bathing cap with flowers and a towel around his waist, he covers himself...

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine
Wha..!? What the fuck?!

Edge leans towards Christian.

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
Is he wearing a bathing cap with a flower on it?

They look at each other then look back at Kurt. Christian turns towards Edge.

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
It's true, it's true!

Kurt looks at them both with a awkward look.

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine
Don't judge me!

Christian and Edge look at each other and both shrug their shoulders. Kurt walks back into the bathroom for a moment and comes out with some pants on with the towel around his shoulder. Kurt looks behind the two at the broken door.

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine
You know what, forget that, I'll get that fixed.

Christian opens the pop and it fizzes and spills on the floor. Edge just nods his head. Kurt looks down at the floor not surprised.

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine
Ugh......What the hell do you guys want? What's so damn important that you had to kick down my door?

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
Well me and Edge are wondering. Last your lumberjack match..

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine
Don't even remind me of that match!

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic and Edge tried to help you out with that Big Red Dorkchop because we thought you could use the help of the...

Edge and Christian turn towards each other while still talking to Kurt.

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
..most awesome...

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
...most photogenic...

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
...most charismatic...

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
..and the most fightingest tag team...

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
..of all time!

Kurt just stands there looking at them.

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
Kurt..we are asking you if you would like to align once again with the team that oh so totally rules!

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
Edge and Christian! To once again form the stable that totally rules. The E!

Edge points to himself.

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
To the C!

Christian points to himself.

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
To the K!

They both point to Kurt.

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
We are talking about non other then the most awesome three man stable of all time that totally rules..

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
Team ECK!

Edge and Christian high five each other. Edge steps closer to Kurt and tries to reason with him...

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
See here Kurt, I know me and you, we've had our differences before, I shaved your head and all that... But remember those good ol'times? Of course you do, and what I'm trying to get to here, is that we need to go back to those good ol'times and go back to kicking ass!

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic

Edge and Christian high five again and laugh...

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
So what do you say?

Captain Charisma::..::CHRISTIAN::..::Instant Classic
Do you want to totally reek of awesomeness like me and Edge?

King Edge the Awesome::..::EDGE::..::The Ultimate Opportunist
Or do you want to stay the same reekazoid you are, getting your ass handed to you weak in and weak out by the rest of the locker room?

Captain Charisma::..::CHRISTIAN::..::Instant Classic
Do you want to align with the team that totally rules?

Edge and Christian high five.

King Edge the Awesome::..::EDGE::..::The Ultimate Opportunist
Or do you want to be a big sack of failure with nothing but that brutal hair cut of yours!

Captain Charisma::..::CHRISTIAN::..::Instant Classic
Brutal! B! R! UTAL!

King Edge the Awesome::..::EDGE::..::The Ultimate

What's it gonna be Kurt?

Kurt rubs his neck a little bit.

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine
Yeah you guys helped me out huh? I LOST MY DAMN TITLE!!!!! i didn't even have the title for five minutes and lost the thing to a freak who has trouble talking out his gay mask.

Edge and Christian seem to try to explain something.

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine
I am the first ever World Champion and couldn't even celebrate because you guys had to try and help which distracted me when I clearly had Kane in my grasps. And you have the nerve to ask me to rejoin you guys. i didn't see you guys helping me i saw you guys getting double choke slammed to the mat.

Kurt Angle grabs a bottle of water from a nearby table and takes a small sip before finishing up.

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine
So, thanks but no thanks because from the way I see it, you have done more harm than you did good and I'm still without MY title.

Kurt Angle brushes by them slightly.

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine
By the way clean this crap up.

Kurt leaves the scene leaving Edge just looking at Christian's pop can. Edge and Christian look at each other...

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
Don't worry, we'll get good old Kurt back. But most importantly, what the hell, did you actually have to steal that soda?

Captain Charisma ::..:: CHRISTIAN ::..:: Instant Classic
Well did you actually have to break the door down?

Edge shrugs...

King Edge the Awesome ::..:: EDGE ::..:: The Ultimate Opportunist
Dude, you know what we should do? We should go to the ring and show all these people our newest... Unique! Five Second Pose!

The crowd boos as they high five each other and laugh.

Roberts: The following is a handicap and it is your A..C..W Main Event!

The crowd goes crazy as they wait for the match.

Edge and Christian come out to the ring with Christian holding a bag in his hands with each of them with a microphone.

Roberts: Introducing first...From Toronto Ontario Canada....E-..

Christian: Can it Dorkchop!

Roberts stops talking and exits the ring as Edge and Christian enter it.

Edge: This is our first night back as a team, and we aren't going to let some cheesey announcer that will never amount to anything but being a dork ruin it for us!

Christian: For those of you who don't know us...

Christian turns towards Edge.

Christian: Like there is anybody who doesn't know of us..

Edge: But just in case you are totally lame and don't know us...I'm Edge and this is Christian!

Christian: Also known as the team that totally rules!

Edge: Yah we do!

Edge and Christian high five.

Christian: Tonight we have something special for all of you Seattle..eans..people...We are going to unveil a special surprise for you all.

Edge: So...for those of you with the benefit of Flash Photography...We are going to unveil to you a unique pose celebrating our return...for five seconds only! We call this one...The Big Red Reekazoid!

They drop their mic's as Christian opens the bag and pulls out a Kane mask and puts it on. Christian (with the kane mask on) puts his hand up in the air in a chokeslam pose. As Edge gets into a Karate pose. Christian grabs Edge's neck but Edge pokes him in the eye as Christian falls on the mat fake crying. Ede puts on foot on Christians body and puts his hands on the mat while Christian slaps his hand on the ground. Three times while the crowd boos them both. Christian gets up and throws the mask off. They both put their hands in the air like Kane mocking him and throw their hands down. When they do that fire blows on the stage as the crowd goes crazy and Kane comes out.

Edge and Christian jump and slide out of the ring. as Kane walks down the ramp with his title and enters the ring. He he puts his title on the ground and lifts his arms in the air and throws them down as pyro goes off on the ring posts. Edge and Christian both slide back into the ring. Edge goes in their corner as Christian starts off with Kane.

Grishm: Well it's about time we get this match started and shut those two up!

Striker: C'mon Todd you have to admit you love the 5 second pose!

Christian just stares at Kane, Christian turns around and hits Edge on the chest tagging him in. Edge enters the ring looking at Christian he runs at Kane as Edge begins to punch Kane but Kane just throws Edge into the turnbuckle. Kane goes over to the turnbuckle but Edge gets is feet up kicking Kane back. Edge runs over and dives hitting Christian on the chest tagging him in. Christian enters the ring as Edge lays on the ground. Christian just looks at Edge as Edge points at Christian and then points at Kane telling him to go get him. Christian mumble something to Edge as they both exit the ring

Striker: What are they up to now?

They exit the ring and search under the apron as their music stops. They each pull out a chair and smile as the crowd boos them. They high five each other as Kane walks over. He reaches over the ropes and grabs Edge and Christian by their hair and pulls them both up to the apron. Edge and Christian look at each other and smile. Edge swings his chair but Kane moves out of the way making Edge hit Christian in the face with the chair knocking him back onto the floor. Kane grabs Edge by the throat and lifts him up and over the ropes. Kane holds Edge by the throat as Christian slowly climbs into the ring. Christian gets over to Kane and begins to kick him but Kane grabs Christian by the throat as well. Edge and Christian squirm around trying to break free as Kane looks at them smiling.

Kurt Angle runs out onto the stage and down the ramp as the crowd gives a mix reaction. Kane lets go of Edge and Christian as they both drop to the floor. Kurt slides into the ring as Kane and Kurt go at it punching each other. Edge and Christian get up and help Kurt beat on Kane. Kurt delivers a suplex to Kane as Edge Kurt and Christian begin to beat on Kane together.

Matt Hardy runs out as the crowd goes crazy.

Grishm: Here comes the calvary... and it's in the form of non other then the Sensai of Mattitude...Matt Hardy!

Matt Hardy runs out with a chair and enters the ring. He hits Edge then Christian knocking them out as they roll onto the floor. Kurt gets behind Matt, Matt turns around as Kurt puts Matt on his shoulders for an Olympic Slam.

Kurt grabs Kane's ankle and begins to twist and wrench it. He keeps twisting and wrenching it, Kurt spots the title on the ground. He lets go of Kanes ankle and picks up the title, he goes on the top rope and stars posing with the title.

Randy Orton slowly walks out with a mix reaction from the crowd. Kurt jumps down and stares at Orton. Kurt yells at Orton waving his arm towards the ring daring him to get in. Christian and Edge enter the ring as Orton keeps heading towards them. While Edge Christian and Kurt are still looking at Orton, Kane and Matt get up and stand behind them. Orton gets in front of the apron as they look at him. Matt attacks Christian as Kane attacks Edge. Kurt turns around to look, he turns back as Orton reaches his hands in the ring pulling Kurt down and dragging him out of the ring. They start punching each other as the others keep fighting in the ring. Orton throws Kurt into the steel steps. Kurt gets on all fours face down as Orton backs up into the corner. Orton runs at Kurt he kicks his foot out but Kurt grabs his foot and applies the Ankle Lock. Orton yells and tries to grab onto something while Kurt keeps twisting his ankle. Orton grabs a hold of one of the steel steps he turns around and throws it at Kurt knocking him back. Orton jumps up and hits Kurt with the RKO. Orton begins to walk up the ramp...

Mick Foley comes out as the crowd goes crazy while the wrestlers stop what they are doing and look on. The music stops as Foley begins to speak.

The Comish: What are you doing don't stop on account of me? I'm loving this. Ok fine...Here is why I am out here. The first ACW Combat Zone Show was awesome, this one was even better. And I had an idea to make next week trump both of them put together. Next week...It will be...Edge and Christian...teaming up with Kurt take on the team of...Matt Hardy...Kane...and...Randy...Orton!

The crowd goes insane while the superstars stare at each other.

The Comish: And thats....

Mick points up to the tron as a mallet hitting a table sounds.

The Comish: Final!

The crowd goes crazy as the camera fades out with Mick Foley giving a thumbs up and the superstars staring at each other
Mick Foley
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