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New Tag Team Champions!

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New Tag Team Champions!

Post by Big Show on 25.04.10 17:42

.:!!The World's Biggest Athlete!!:.

Triple Show appears on stage to a wave of thunderous cheers from the crowd 1 week removed from last weeks show. They both proudly display the tag titles they won after defeating Morrison and Elijah in a hard fought match. They walk down the ramp towards the ring shaking hands and giving high fives to fans along the way.

Once they were in the ring they waited for the cheers to die down and the music to stop, once it did Big Show and Triple H we're handed mics.

Todd Grisham: "Well it seems we're in for another exciting night with our new tag team champs! Ain't that right Striker?"

Matt Striker: "That's right Todd, after an action packed do or die night last week Triple Show is still together and sport the tag titles as proof!"

"As you all saw last week, me and Hunter defeated Elijah and Morrison to keep our team intact and take the Tag Titles. Seeing as tonight we are both schedualed for singles matches we would like to extend and open invitation to any two guys in the back who think they have what it takes to beat us for the titles. This match won't be for next week, for at our first pay-per view, where else would be a better place?"

Matt Striker: "You hear that Todd? Looks like we're already getting a look into our upcoming pay-per view!"

Todd Grisham: "I can't think of a better place to see the new champs defend their titles then at our first ever pay-per view!"

Big Show turns to look at his partner Triple H for his input on the idea and for him to let his say less they be interrupted by possible competitors or one of the staff. Show wanted a moment to take in the feeling his was getting from the fans, he may not have been the first ACW tag champ, but he is a current one!

TBC: Triple H or Interruption
Big Show
Big Show

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