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First Mainevent

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First Mainevent

Post by Matt Hardy on 26.04.10 11:53

As soon as the entrance music plays, Matt Hardy comes out from back stage running and holding a mic in his hand. He slaps a few hands before he slides into the ring. The Angelic Diablo stands on the ropes and raises his hand and does the "V1" taunt. He drops on his feet and goes to the opposite ropes and does the same. The crowd goes wild!

Matt Hardy rises the mic and starts talking.

Matt Hardy
WOW! Big turn up tonight. But I shouldn't be surprised, everyone is here to watch my first mainevent in ACW!

The crowd cheers loudly.

Matt Hardy
Now at this point most wrestlers would probably say something like "This will not disappoint" or "You will get your moneys worth". But if I did, I would be lying. It is a real bad match-up. We are by far the superior team...

The Crowd goes wild.

Matt Hardy

The crowd continue to cheer, so Matt waits for them to stop before he speaks.

Matt Hardy
Although my teammates might not be experts like me in the tag team field. You know what I mean. Kane is a loan wolf and Randy is a viper that can't be trusted. But we don't have to be the best team to win, because we are simply better. Who do they have? Kurt, a guy who doesn't know how to shave. Or Christian and Edge? Two backstabbers who I won't be surprised, if they turn on each other in the match.

The crowd boos loudly once they heard the names of Christian and Edge.

Matt Hardy
They give Canadians a bad name. And worse of all they give sodas a bad name. If I could I wou...

TBC: Edge and Christian interrupt
Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy

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