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Angle discusses Title rematch, And Main Event

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Angle discusses Title rematch, And Main Event

Post by Kurt Angle on 26.04.10 13:06

The crowd shows a mixed reaction as "Medal" is being played throughout the arena. Fog then quickly fills the entrance stage and after a few moments Kurt is seen as the fog slowly disappears. Kurt is wearing his wrestling attire which includes his black outfit with blue trim. Kurt also has his gold medals around his neck. Kurt makes his way to the ring and just jogs up the steps and enters the ring. Kurt spins around taunting to the crowd. Kurt is then handed a mic as he hears mostly boos as he tries to speak over the boos.

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine

SHUT UP already!!!! I've had it.....I know I got a Main Event match tonight but unlike one of my opponents its not the highlight of my young career here in the ACW. Of course ill get to that match but first i have to get something off my chest. As you all know, we have a PPV called something like Revolution or something like that. But anyways, there is no Main Event scheduled for that show. I know Mick's brain doesn't function as fast as most people but even he knows what the Main Event should be. It should be me and Kane for the World Title!!!!

The crowd boos as Kurt gets angry and starts pacing a little bit.

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine

Boo all you want but you all know that I am right. I know all these other wanna be wrestlers jocking for position for that match but let's face it, I was the first ACW World Champion. But then Mick told me weeks ago that he wouldn't let wrestlers influence his decisions. But he did because Kane probably came to Mick during the debut show and demanded a match after my match and the coward that Mick is gave Kane his match. So there it was, I defeated Orton in a big match and then Kane came in and got his match and if it wasn't for Edge and Christian I would have won that match. Don't let the video fool you because i was in control of the match until that happened.

The crowd cheers a little bit at the fact that Angle lost his title.

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine

Oh you guys like that huh? Well to make things worst is tonight's match is a 6 man tag match and I have to team with Edge and Christian going against Kane, Randy Orton and Matt Hardy. Yeah I know Matt hardy fans are excited just because Matt is in the Main Event and that's fine because in the promo that Matt had I saw a superstar was just happy to make a Main Event, a guy who doesn't have a World Title in his recent future. So Matt it will be just like old times with me making your ass tap out or make you say I Quit!!! Because face it your not in my league and i have proven it every time we were in the same ring every other time. Now on to Randy Orton. Randy, unlike Matt you have a future here in ACW. You got the talent to be the second best this company has ever seen!! but unfortunately your going against the best in this company....ME!!!!! so don't let this match get to you so much because you will have many victories in your future but just not tonight.

All of the sudden the crowd starts a little chant for Kane which catches Kurt off guard.

The Olympic Gold Medalist ::..:: KURT ANGLE ::..:: The Wrestling Machine

I almost forgot about our so called champ. Look Kane i know just as everyone in the back knows that you are the most overrated World Champ we will ever see in ACW for years to come. You hold that title knowing deep down that you can't even compete let alone win against any of the top talent in this company. Watching your back around every corner in the back. You prolly sleep with that Title under your pillow along with your mask and glove. But in a couple of weeks you will be sleeping a little lighter at night because I will be having that World Title around my waist once again. So tonight i will show you a preview of what's in store for you when we meet for MY Title. And Edge and Christian every time you are around me bad things happen to me. But not this time because even though you guys are my teammates tonight i will be having my eyes on you guys the whole time because you two were the last people that i wanted as tag partners. Its just another bone head move by our Commish just to spite me. But I guarantee i will make someone tap tonight and Edge and Christian just make sure it's not yours.

Angle laughs and drops the mic as the scene fades.
Kurt Angle
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