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Roleplaying LOA

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Roleplaying LOA

Post by CM Punk on 26.04.10 19:19

Well, it's probably quite obvious now, that I can't even lie and act like I want to rp. I have lost all interest and motivation to roleplay. I still loved talking to all you guys, and hopefully I can still do that whenever I am on, but right now I don't even have my own computer.

I think it'd benefit both myself and the show to go on an loa from rp'ing. I still want to be around, but as I mentioned before, I'm just not feeling it anymore. This isn't me quitting, because I deeply plan on coming back in the near future.

As for our admins here, I want to ask for one more match, against anyone and I will 100% gurantee I don't no-show again, I just want to give it one more try before going on this LOA

Sorry to be a drama queen, but you all have to be in the know.
CM Punk
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