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Bonding With The Fans

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Bonding With The Fans

Post by Matt Hardy on 12.05.10 12:29


A black BMW stops by the Pepsi center in Denver. A sharp and edgy high wire surrounded the place, keeping fans from entering. The fans hands were in the holes in the high wire, screaming and yelling, wanting to meet the superstars. The car door opens and Matt Hardy comes out of the card. Two security guards who were standing by the side walk, spread the fans apart and make a path for Matt. Hardy was wearing black baggy pants, a purple t-shirt and a pair of black sunglasses. The fans go wild. Matt grabs a bag from inside the car and closes the door behind him. He walks through the pathway the guards made. Another security guard; who was blocking the entrance, moves out of the way so Matt could enter. Matt gets to the other side of the high wire. He walks to the stadium door, but then turns back around. He drops his back and places his sunglasses on them.

Matt Hardy
DAMN! The show is sold out, huh?!

Matt walks closer to the fans. Every single one of them was yelling stuff like "We Love You Matt". or "Hardy Will Never Die". Matt looks at a little kid.

Matt Hardy
Hey Buddy! Are you going to watch the show tonight?

The kid nods yes. Fans try to touch Hardy by thrusting their hands further.

Matt Hardy
Who is your favorite wrestler?

Matt Hardy!

Hardy smiles.

Matt Hardy
Well, it's not like your going to say you hate me in front of my face. Well then, who do you hate most?

The kid hesitates for a few seconds.

Edge and Christian!

Matt Hardy
Who do you hate most from Edge and Christian?

The kid hesitates again.


Matt Hardy
That's a creative answer. Say if you have a ticket, why are you standing here. You don't have one, do you?

The kid shakes his head no.

Matt digs in his pocket, takes out a ticket and hands it to the kid.

Matt Hardy
Take it, I don't think Shannon will show up!

The fans scream wildly for Matts generous bedding. Matt takes out a phone out of his pocket.

Matt Hardy
Do you guys know how to do the V1?!

Everybody does the V1 taunt and start fighting to get in the photo. Matt snaps a shot and places his phone back in his pocket. He bends over and picks up his sunglasses and places them on his head. He raises his hand and does the signature V1 taunt, as he moves backwards to the entrance door. A security guard then takes his bag inside.
Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy

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