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A Charasmatic.... GOD!

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A Charasmatic.... GOD!

Post by Mr. Kennedy on 11.04.10 6:22

Maria is seen walking down a backstage corridoor with a camera man in toe, they walk for about 30 seconds before coming to Eric Bischoffs office, Maria knocks on the door and Erics voice can be heard from inside

'Eazi E' Eric Bischoff
Just a minute!!

Maria shrugs her shoulders looking towards the camera, Eric's door swing open but its not Eric Bischoff that comes out, instead its ACW Superstar Mr. Kennedy... he shuts the door behind him and shifts his eyes towards Maria....

Mr. 'Charisma' Kennedy
And to what do i owe the pleasure of your company Maria

ACW Interviewer ' MARIA '
Actually im here to see the boss...

Kennedy flings his arm around Maria and proceeds to walking her down the hallway a little bit.

Mr. 'Charisma' Kennedy
Now why would you want to do that... when you could have the Charasmatic god on the viewers tv screens for 5... maybe SIX! Minutes of there miserable little lifes..

ACW Interviewer ' MARIA '
Okay thats cool i suppose....

Mr. 'Charisma' Kennedy
Well i'm glad we see eye to eye...

ACW Interviewer ' MARIA '
Tell me to mind my own business if you want but is there any chance you could fill us in on what you and Eric were talking about?

Kennedy smirks tilting his head to a side

Mr. 'Charisma' Kennedy
Well if you must know..... my little altercation with the Miz has earnt me some brownie points, Eric described it as 'FUNNY TV.' But after what we just discussed for later tonight i would call it... a stepping stone towards the top..

ACW Interviewer ' MARIA '
Care to fill us in on whats happening later on tonight?

Kennedy lets out a sarcastic giggle... he grabs the microphone and tilts his head back.[/color]

Mr. 'Charisma' Kennedy
Well tonight Maria.... ACW Managment are proud to present a main event material match up.... featuring the Miz.... who quite frankly nobody cares about, and the iconic superstar hailing fron GREENBAY... WEEST.... CONSSIN!!!....

Kennedy lowers his head with piercing eyes stareing towards Maria...

Mr. 'Charisma' Kennedy
This is how you do your job Maria, get a pen, a pad and start taking notes..... MIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSTTTTTEEEEEERRRRRRR........ KENNNNNNEEEDDDDY!

ACW Interviewer ' MARIA '
Did you hear that fans later on toni....

Kennedy cuts Maria off...

Mr. 'Charisma' Kennedy
ah ah aaa! shortly to be known as The North American Champion!!!!!!

Maria pulls a shocked face over acting the moment..

Mr. 'Charisma' Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy places the microphone back in Marias hands and gives her a little wink before heading off down the corridoor, we see him run into the olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, suprisingly the two shake hands....

Mr. 'Charisma' Kennedy
Hows it going Kurt?.....

the pair start to have a conversation, the camera changes focus from the two and focuses back on Maria

ACW Interviewer ' MARIA '
It looks like its official!... we speculated Miz meeting Kennedy tonight but now apparantly thanks to Eric Bischoff we have out second title match booked..... Mr. Kennedy will be fighting the Miz in a battle to become ACW's first North American Champion! Back to you guys at ring side....

the titantron image fades and the camera zooms out panning around to the ringside area were the ring announcer is stood in the ring....

Ring Announcer
The following match is scheduled for one fall... and it is.....
Mr. Kennedy
Mr. Kennedy

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